XEROX PARC charts: act I

A musical about creation of first interactive PC at Xerox PARC.
Music & Lyrics by Terry Crystal*
Book by Terry Crystal & Don DiVecchio
special thanks to Chris Jeffers for use of ‘Happy Hacker’, an early tune written for PC.

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Alto computer created at Xerox PARC, 1972

For draft scene outline, click – XP Scene Outline

Songs (act I):

1. (scene 1) Architecture of Information (duet):
chart – 01 Architecture of Information
CEO of Xerox corp, Peter, and VP of Research, Jack, talk about new research lab.

2. (Scene 2) Creating the Space (duet with ensemble):
chart – 02 Creating the Space
Jack recruits George to run new lab (Xerox PARC), and they discuss what it will look like. When curtain rises, their duet segues into production number with ensemble singing backup at PARC.

3. (Scene 3) Intergalactic Computer Network (solo):
chart – 03 Intergalactic Computer Network with backup
Cowboy song in the style of Hank Williams. Bob Taylor tells secretaries about personal computer they are creating at PARC that will someday replace typewriters.

Beginning of scene 4 – Insert musical Interlude while scientists bring in bean bag chairs.
early tune composed for ALTO, with permission from Chris Jeffers –

4. (Scene 4a) Shape of Learning (solo with group):
chart – 04 Shape of Learning
Alan and other scientists of Learning Research Group regale Adele with song about Dynabook and LRG work culture.
(Note: measures 31-46 ‘we sit in bean bag chairs…’ were not recorded, and should be removed from chart.)

5. (scene 4b) Mothers of Invention (duet):
chart – 05 Mothers of Invention
Adele & Diane talk about ‘the women who came before’.

6. (scene 5) Engelbart (duet):
chart – 06 Engelbart – Transposed Eb (1)
Butler and Chuck agree to create “Interim Dynabook” (the ALTO), and sing about Douglas Engelbart who’s “Mother of all Demos” was a major inspiration.

7. (scene 6) It’s Gonna Happen (solo, duet, ensemble):
chart – 07 It’s Gonna Happen
Alan & members of LRG (Learning Research Group) react with joy when they hear that their project might get built.

*Xerox PARC is the third musical by Terry Crystal and Don DiVecchio (Caitlin County Hemp Wars and The Side Effect Pill).

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