The Side Effect Pill

A musical satire for 5 actor/singers and piano
music & lyrics by Terry Crystal (14 songs)
book by Don DiVecchio 


Our June 14th Reading at the Boston Playwright’s Theatre was a resounding success, thanks to our amazing actor/singers and music director Margaret Ulmer.
Here is what some in audience had to say:
“Thanks for a powerful, funny and entertaining evening!”
“Lively musical is entertaining, fun…with spirited and witty songs and dialogue.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed…I’d recommend it to anyone.”

SEP synopsis

Sample Songs:

1. Side Effects – Liz and Justin, researchers at Pilco pharmaceutical, meet. 
2. Murmur of the heart – Liz reflects on her love for Justin.

3. Welcome Aboard – Aldo, Max and Susan convince Justin to be spokesman for new drug.

4. Secret Passion – Liz seduces Aldo to get into vault which contains company secrets.

5. Tough Exterior – Max and Susan share honest moment under influence of the Side Effect Pill, which is also a truth serum.



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