A musical about creation of first interactive PC at Xerox PARC.
Music & Lyrics by Terry Crystal*
Book by Terry Crystal & Don DiVecchio
special thanks to Chris Jeffers for use of ‘Happy Hacker’, an early tune written for PC.

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Alto computer created at Xerox PARC, 1972

For draft scene outline, click – XP Scene Outline

During a brief five year period, in the early 70’s, the scientists of Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) created much of the technology we see in computers today – laser printing, the Ethernet, and the first personal computer with Graphical User Interface and mouse. This musical celebrates the founding of PARC, the creativity, collaboration, and energy of PARC researchers, and the creation of the Alto computer, one of the signature creations of those early years.

Sample Songs:

(scene 1): Architecture of Information – CEO of Xerox corp, Peter, and VP of Research, Jack, talk about new research lab.

(Scene 4a) Shape of Learning – Alan and other scientists of Learning Research Group regale Adele with song about Dynabook and LRG work culture.

(scene 4b) Mothers of Invention – Adele & Diane talk about ‘the women who came before’.

(scene 6): It’s Gonna Happen – Alan & members of LRG (Learning Research Group) react with joy when they hear that their project might get built

(Scene 9): Unbelievable – Adele can’t believe Xerox is giving Steve Jobs a demo of the Alto. Steve is thrilled by what he sees, especially the Graphical User Interface and mouse.

(Scene 10) Moving On – At Larry’s going away party, Bob, Alan, and ensemble sing final song of appreciation – of each other and the scientists who came before.

*Xerox PARC is the third musical by Terry Crystal and Don DiVecchio (Caitlin County Hemp Wars and The Side Effect Pill).

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