The Side Effect Pill – Full Demo

A musical satire for 5 actor/singers and piano
music & lyrics by Terry Crystal (14 songs)
book by Don DiVecchio

Synopsis – SEP synopsis

Full Script – SEP REVISED 09-16

Sample Songs:

piano by Margaret Ulmer

1. Side Effects – Liz and Justin, research scientists at Pillco Pharmaceutical, meet.  

2. A Situation – Pillco executives, Aldo, Max and Susan, bemoan their company’s bad fortune.  

3. One Pill – Susan and Aldo tell Aldo about their plans to create new blockbuster pill.

4. Stop and Think – Susan scolds Aldo for flirting with Liz.

5. Looking out for number one –  Max reveals his plans to leave company if things go bad.

6. Murmur of the heart – Liz reflects on her love for Justin.

7. Welcome Aboard – Aldo, Max and Susan convince Justin to be spokesman for new drug.

8. Secret Passion – Liz seduces Aldo to get into vault which contains company secrets.

9. Alpha World – Aldo shares his vision of future with Max and Susan.

10. In love at last – Liz and Justin confess love for each other.

11. Barbarians at the Gate – (Coming Soon)

12. Tough Exterior – Max and Susan share honest moment under influence of the Side Effect Pill, which is also a truth serum.

13. It takes work – Justin tells Aldo that it is possible to be a better person. 

14. Change – (Coming Soon)

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