Shape of Learning

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Music – 06 Shape of Learning
From XEROX PARC musical – Words and music by Terry Crystal. Kids version by Ross Boyd and Jamie Feinberg of TinyVillageMusic. 

Intro 1-6; 62 bpm
bars 7-112; 115 bpm

They call us the lunatic fringe
I guess they see us as dreamers
Our heads in the sky
We have stars in our eyes
When we talk about the Dynabook

We believe that work is fun
That our day is never done
When you’re doing what you like
Then you’re bound to like your life
Try to balance work and play
To feel passion every day
Gonna change the way everybody thinks

Gonna change the shape of learning
Gonna carry it around
Gonna change the shape of learning
We are sitting on the ground

To compose a work of art
You don’t need to be that smart
If we learn to interact
You can have a big impact
If you use our dream machine
You could read a magazine
Read a book, or maybe two
You might change your point of view

Be yourself
an authentic human being
Be yourself
Like the world has never seen
Step out into the universe

It’s the joy of learning
All the wheels are turning
How are hearts are yearning to be free
We can learn by doing
Anything worth pursuing
We are learning experientially

Can we help the human race
Make the world a better place
Learn to tell the lie from truth
We’re emboldened by our youth
With the future in our hands
Can we learn to understand
Can we learn
To change the way we think
Change the way we think
Change the way we think!




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