Seven Plays

Dear Reader,

Here are Seven Plays by Don DiVecchio written over a seven year period.
For your convenience, included here are the names of the plays with a brief description:


1. Crackerman, p.2 –
Race and Redemption in a hospital ward in Selma Alabama.

2. Juarez, p.65 –
Kidnapping in Juarez, Mexico.

3. The Side Effect Pill, p.131 –
Comedy about people behaving badly at a large drug company.

4. Fletcher & Bligh, p.189 –
A love story gone bad, told in rich language of Elizabethan England.

5. Children of the Sun, p.228 –
A distopian future affected by Global Warming creates difficult choices.

6. Deer Run, p.277 –
Secrets are revealed at a family barbecue.

7. Finding Whitey B., p.325 –
Notorious mobster Whitey Bulger is found by two wanna-be reporters.

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