What People Are Saying:

About The side Effect Pill, after seeing June 14th reading:

“Really enjoyed last night… Thanks for a powerful, funny and entertaining evening!”
Davida and Erez Haas, Physical Therapist and Catering Manager for Milk Street Cafe

“Lively musical is entertaining, fun, and may even have audiences thinking twice before asking their doctors for more pills.  Clever plot twists…with spirited and witty songs and dialogue.”
Sara Leeman, Medical Researcher (retired)

“The actors are superb, and have great material to deal with.  I was prepared to leave at half time and enjoyed the reading so much that I stayed to see how it would unfold.”
Diane D’Almeida, Librarian

“Thoroughly enjoyed…The acting and singing are polished, the music melodic, and the plot engaging. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Stephen Helfer, Harvard Libraries (retired)

“Clever and enticing.  It held my interest throughout, and I was eager to see where the characters would end up…Performers were superb.”
Philip Manella, Retired



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