June 2016 Reading @ Playwright’s Theatre

The first reading of The Side Effect Pill went amazingly well. Actors were all exceptional in their singing and embrace of their characters. A tribute to Margaret’s  music direction.  We originally set out to do the entire musical, but certain contingencies convinced us to do first two acts. Wise decision, as these two acts stand on their own, and we had the opportunity to rehearse them well. And record 5 more songs. Click here to hear all songs.  For actor/singers and creative personnel, see SEP PROGRAM 1

Here is what some in the audience had to say:

“Really enjoyed last night… Thanks for a powerful, funny and entertaining evening!”

“Lively musical is entertaining, fun, and may even have audiences thinking twice before asking their doctors for more pills.  Clever plot twists…with spirited and witty songs and dialogue.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed…The acting and singing are polished, the music melodic, and the plot engaging. I’d recommend it to anyone.”


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