Finding Whitey B.

by Don DiVecchio
Staged Reading, Arlington Center for the Arts
October 10th & 11th, 2008
Chris Dea, director

Whitey 51

The playwright talks about his play:

‘Finding Whitey B.’ is the title of my three act play. I was inspired by the ongoing media hype surrounding the disappearance of Whitey Bulger and I wanted to examine the social psychology of the situation (ie. the making of a mob boss). For example, how did Whitey rise to power and why did so many people (FBI, politicians, and the South Boston community) protect him for so long. From my research I discovered that reality is not black and white. There are many gray areas. I had uncovered an entire community of  secrecy, a working class code of silence, a pride (though warped), of protecting its own against middleclass outsiders. This was the atmosphere that nurtured the likes of Whitey Bulger.
In my play I create the premise of three want-to-be journalists who believe they have found the infamous Whitey Bulger. Our three main characters would do anything to change their own intolerable work situations as would our antagonist Whitey to protect his anonymity. “Finding Whitey B.” is about the struggle for recognition, the lust for power and the desperation of the human heart.

In the news:

2008 article in Arlington Advocate

2006 article in Somerville News

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