Caitlin County

The new ‘roots’ musical about community and family.
Music and Lyrics by Terry Crystal
Book and original story by Don DiVecchio
ccfamily votes cropped2
Family discussion on YouTube.
Brief synopsis:
The Hendricks family grow an industrial Hemp crop in a desperate effort to save their farm. We meet various family members who argue about everything, including Shelly, who wants to marry Miguel against the will of her father, and her brother Tom, who thinks growing Hemp is a crazy idea. After a contentious family meeting Miguel is welcomed into the family and they agree to proceed with Hemp crop. All except Uncle Ray, who in a fit of drunken rage, reports family to corporation who wants to buy the land. Neighbors come together to help family harvest crop. Family gets caught by the Feds, but win in court. In final scene, Shelly and Miguel get married, and community extol the virtues of working together.
Sample Songs:
1. Kids – Three Handricks cousins don’t like the way they are being treated by family elders.
2. Planting the Seeds – Hendricks family plant Hemp with Shelly’s youthful friends.
3. Goodbye Sunshine – Ray outs the family to the corporate farm, and the executives ruminate on their own bad behavior.
3. Courtroom Cowboy – After family is arrested for growing Hemp, lawyer helps them win in court.
Production History:
        Living Room Reading – Manchester, NH; Jamie Fineberg, director, 2008
        Staged Reading – Boston Playwrights Theatre; Jen Vento & Rebecca Booth-Fox, 2008
        Workshop Production – Zero Arrow Theatre; Jen Vento & Rebecca Booth-Fox, 2009
        Hemposium – Suffolk University; John Dvorak (hemp historian), 2010
On the Block (YouTube, below)

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