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While XEROX PARC is about the creation of the first personal computer at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), it is also a musical celebrating creativity. Xerox PARC, was above all, a very creative place to work, where employees were funded to follow their bliss, as long as they could show that it might be beneficial to the company. The following two songs, in particular, are about fostering creativity.

1.CREATING THE SPACE  – In second song, first act, Jack Goldman (your great uncle and vice president of research) hires George Pake to be head of new lab. Their conversation is punctuated by duet (tenors), backed up midway by ensemble/scientists of PARC.

Can be done acappela, voice with metronome backbeat 125 bpm.

03 Creating the Space

2. SHAPE OF LEARNING – Fifth song, first act, finds Alan Kay introducing Adele Goldberg, to members of Learning Research Group (LRG). The LRG was the most unconventional group at PARC, who wrote the software for the ALTO, and were mostly interested in interactive computing as a way of childhood learning. This song, an ode to their shared philosophy, has Alan (tenor solo) joined by 6 colleagues.

Piano or guitar background 115 bpm, with slower intro.

06 Shape of Learning


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